MAUNZ-RACING Hosted fun sessions in iRacing

This week I hosted a race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with the Dallara DW12 Indycar, Nissan GTP, Lotus 49, Lotus 79 and the HPD. This was a very fun event and we had lots of fun in the voice channel of my Discord server. To be sure of more participation than a short announced event I want to do this on a regular basis every week or every two weeks.

The rules are quite simple, I choose the cars to be as different as it could be, so there might be huge speed differences and I have a bunch of tracks that we drive on and when all tracks are driven with a set of cars the cars will change. It will be a 1 hour session with 30 minutes race. The session will start at 20:30 German time which is 19:30 GMT in the winter and 18:30 GMT for summer with daylight saving time.

Nordschleife Industriefahrten
Le Mans (classic layout)

First round cars:
Dallara DW12
Lotus 49
Lotus 79
Nissan GTP

Session Schedule (19:30 GMT):
Nordschleife Industriefahrten: 14.2.17
Interlagos: 21.2.17
Spa 28.2.17
Montreal 7.3.17
Le Mans (classic layout) 21.3.17
Imola 28.3.17
Discord serverDiscord server.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in iRacing

picJust in time in January 2017 iRacing published the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car. The car that everyone was waiting for.

After some driving with the Porsche I find it a nice car to drive. The only downside, at least for me, are the brakes. They lock up quite easily which is a bit of a struggle if you don’t have loadcell pedals. Nevertheless it is a nice car.

It’s quite stable but you can make it more agile with the right setup. Speaking of the setup, there is not much to to on this side. Which makes it quite easy for beginners and reduces the influence of the setup, so the new Porsche series should be fun as everyone driving more or less the same car and it more comes down to the driver.

It is also faster than I thought. It is not a GT3 car but it is similar fast on straights. At Daytona road course I managed to drive 1:50 after a few laps and I there was room for even better times. So not that much slower but definetely more fun to drive.

I also made a paintjob for the Porsche for my team MAUNZ-RACING, as you can see in the picture. You can also race it if you go to my Trading Paints Showroom page.

iRacing Daytona 24h 2017

My Team Maunz-Racing participated at the 24h of Daytona in iRacing today. We started from 25th position and we were able to drive safely through the first laps and after a couple of hours we where leading the race. Unfortunately we where involved in an accident which put us back to 16th position. But we were able to make up position and when I took the wheel again for the last two stints we where fighting for the 9th position.

It was quite close but we knew that the other team would have to take fuel for the last 20 minutes and we where able to drive to the end without an additional pit stop. So a couple of laps before the end, 9th place was confirmed I if wouldn’t mess it up myself. We also put up the fastest lap time of 1:45.154. daytona_finish_3_2017 It was the first race for the team with these members so I didn’t know exactly what to expect.

The main goal was finishing the race and have as less incidents as possible to end up in the top20 maybe top10. The fact that we where able to lead the race for 90 laps and finished 9th despite a quite broken car, shows that everyone was doing a good job.

As you can see, the car has some minor optical damage :D The steering wheel was also a bit off but we still managed to race on.

Porsche is coming to iRacing

iRacing just announced that Porsche is coming in January 2017

In the video you can see a Porsche GT3 or Cup car and the LMP1 from the Le Mans series. This will definitely a huge step forward for iRacing.

As for me, I was waiting for an LMP1 to race at the 24h of Le Mans since they announced the Le Mans racing track. The HPD is not a bad car, but having a proper LMP1 car is just the thing I dreamed of. So these are very good news for the iRacing community. :)



My second iRacing Season

I just completed my second iRacing season. It was quite successful, at least on the oval side. I finished 8. in the IndyCar Oval fixed series, which is in my goal to be in the top10, after I finished 11th last season. I also won my first race there.

My goal to reach 2000 iRating has not been archived. That is mostly because of the NASCAR B Series. I reached place 55, which is one behind last season (54). I lost iRating almost every race. But nevertheless had a fun race at Charlotte Speedway. I also raced the open series there for one race.

On the road side I just raced too many different classes and lost a lot of iRating. I just reached over 1000 again. I tried the Skippys, Star Mazda, Ruf GT3, BSS and IMSA.

But that also helped me to choose my road series for the next season. After I studied the new schedule I decided to race in IMSA. With the BMW Z4 or the AMG Mercedes GT3, depending on how fast the track is, as the BMW lacks a bit of top speed.

I will race in some other series if I like the track, especially the Interlagos track is a must race with almost every race car and it is finally in the next season. Had a couple of good races in my first half season there, I also want to race the 24h of Daytona. Hoping to get some team members in. If you want to drive with me, just get in contact with me.

As my goals for the oval side are concerned. I want to finish top5 in the IndyCar oval fixed series. This will be the only series to drive in oval and so I try to reach the 2k iRating next season.